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The UX Excellence Score


UX designers and product teams

Product type

Measurement system


Creator, strategy lead

Problem statement:
*Every week almost 2 million Meta ads are reviewed by human reviewers.
*Ad reviews are divided into over 1000 “queues”. But every queue has different UI, and design quality varies drastically.
*We didn’t know where to start to make the most impact
*Also, we weren't able to measure the impact of our design work.

What I did:
*Created a scoring system to rate all aspects of UX/UI.
*The score has 29 UX design principles including visual design, content design and general UX principles like intuitiveness.
*I drafted the strategy for the score roll out, and ran roadshows of the work across the company.

*We now have hard data to inform roadmapping and measure the impact of our design revamps.
*The score was adapted by 4 other teams in Meta USA and Singapore. This means this framework has scaled across products, orgs and markets to improve overall design quality at Meta.

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