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Knowledge Center

Project type

Learning development platform


Meta advertisers


Content design and product naming

Special features


Problem statement:
*There was no centralized and dedicated space for Meta partners to learn about Meta's suite of products and services.
*Meta employees share collateral and educational content via Google Drive, Dropbox and Salesforce links which aren't searchable or trackable.
*There was no way track a partner’s learning journey.

User research:
We tested our mocks with resellers and partners via video call. The findings of the interviews gave us these 3 major insights:
1. Scalable & flexible design were the users' key requirement.
2. More filters & tags were requested for the educational content.
3. Search function needed to be improved to allow more than one search term at a time.

What I did:
*Led the product naming exercise for the team.
*During this exercise the focus was on psychological safety to allow all participants to be creative and non-judgmental.
*Leveraged research results to help the team select the best name.
*Research showed participants top need was to feel more confident because they felt a gap in their knowledge of Meta products. I steered the group to choose a name that spoke to that confidence - Knowledge Center.

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